29 January 2020

In the current political climate, many of us have been drawn to organizing for a variety of causes. For those of us in PDL, we believe in providing mutual aid in the form of community defense to our comrades. Whether it’s at a protest, group meeting, or dealing with threats of violence, we want to be there in solidarity. If you’re an organizer interested in requesting community defense, here are some tips to get things rolling:

  1. Talk with your organization/its leadership (if applicable) as soon as possible to make sure everyone is on board to reach out. We require informed consent in order to do this work in support of our communities. For events, we’d also appreciate as much advance notice as possible to help us coordinate with your org and prepare.

  2. Gather information. Beyond the basics (when/where an event will take place, for example), how many people are expected? Have any threats been made, and if so, can you share any screenshots or other details? What kind of venue is it (street, government building, bar)? Are people in your organization opposed to seeing firearms?

  3. Reach out to us and set up Signal (iOS, Android) if you haven’t already! If we’re not already in touch via Signal, please message us on Facebook or send us an email at hello@michiganpdl.org. Let us know your availability for in-person or phone meetings if needed.